Rafa IT provides IT consulting services to its customers. Rafa IT envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible business practices that enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. We also offer a wide-ranging portfolio of Software Solution & IT services with a focus on E-Business solution backed by its strong expertise in Internet technologies. We are professionals who are driven by the viewpoint of customer satisfaction through Quality and Innovation.

Rafa IT has started in mid 2007 with unique vision of achieving the heights in Information Technology by caring and serving the people. Customer satisfaction is the key building block in the success of Rafa IT.

Rafa IT believe in an open working relationship produces a positive and productive work environment that results in effective and low-cost solutions. We maximize the customer benefits by bringing the most pioneering solutions.

Rafa IT Beliefs:

Our Vision

Rafa IT envisions self-recruited communities around the world with emphasis to Bangladesh, utilizing its ICT products and services and is able to earn enough for improved and meaningful lives.

Our Mission

To contribute to the dream of "Digital Bangladesh" and offer every household of Bangladesh an opportunity to be part of the world ICT businesses, develop professional capabilities to deal with information resources, manipulate information and engaged in businesses and development activities for economic and social benefits.

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